Children Need Moral Agents, Not Liberty

Certainly, it is understood that non-Christian parents are not expected to instill in their children the same moral ideals as Christian parents. One would expect though, that most parents would legislate and enforce a moral code similar to their own. Lately, however, some parents have begun to turn over to their children the reins of choice and responsibility even when it is in sharp contrast to their own good judgment.

There seems to be a growing trend towards the idea of free expression in children regardless of how bizarre that expression may be. More and more kids are afforded the freedom of choice in virtually every aspect of their personal lives, as a wide latitude of liberty is endowed to even the youngest of them. Even some Christian parents have given in to the whims and fancies of a rebellious generation, seemingly unaware of the dangers of such liberties. In keeping with this trend, these well-meaning parents have justified their lack of control by saying, “Well I do not want to force my beliefs on my children. I want to let them grow up and make their own decisions.”

Now as altruistic as this may seem, it presents a serious flaw in logic. These same people, who allow their progeny to dress and act as they please, turn around and force the poor child to get up in the morning and be mass-transported to institutions where they are entrenched in the doctrines of English, Mathematics, and an assortment of other sciences. I mean come on. Is this not the height of choice depravation? Is it not unfair to rob the little tike of his right to grow up to be a moron, if that is what he wants? Why force him to get up out of bed 180+ days a year and be mercilessly subjected to the agonies of an education, when it is clearly against his will. Why not wait until he is older and let him decide if education fits into his agenda.

The truth is few children left to themselves will consistently choose what is best for them. They would rather stay home from school, live (or die) on a diet of ice cream and candy, watch TV and play video games all day and late into the night, take whatever they want whenever they want it, as they develop into a blob of ignorance and idiocy with no hope of usefulness to anyone.

Fortunately, our society has realized the importance of certain developmental mandates for children for education and health interventions such as inoculations from disease. Further we have put in place certain restrictions for children with regard to tobacco use, driving, voting, and sexual behaviors; aware that, until reaching a certain age, children are at risk as independent agents.

Similarly, all parents, especially Christians, should not be afraid to restrict their children’s dress, entertainment, friends, and schedule in the interest of their well-being. Furthermore, they owe it to society to raise a child who will not steer through the roadway of life in any manner he chooses and at the expense of others, just because he wants to.

Maybe you are not into God, or salvation, but at least insure that your child treats adults with respect and have the decency to control the vulgarity and profanity in their music, minds and mouths. If you want them to be a success do not be afraid to require that they look and act like young ladies and gentlemen. If you realize the importance of rules, standards; if you want to protect them from the negative effects of unrestrained behavior, then act as your child’s moral agent.  Raise them up in the way that they should go. Develop and practice real family government, so that the government will be less likely to have to deal with your child when he or she grows up.