Fundamental Bible Baptist Church  1950

Glassy Mountain Baptist Church -- Present Day

Church History

Glassy Mountain Baptist Church is believed to be the oldest Independent Baptist Church in Pickens County, SC,  chartered on February 19, 1950.  Using land donated by the Chastain family, the charter of the church declares that the church must always be Independent and use the King James Version of the Bible orthe land reverts back to the Chastain family or its heirs.  The Church, originally called "Fundamental Bible BaptistChurch' was started by a group from the Welcome Baptist Church located in Easley, SC.

The first pastor was Reverend Norman Josephus Newton.  His wife was Mildred Black Newton.  Reverend Newton was born in Pickens County, son of Reverend H. A. Newton and Clara Rampey Newton.  Rev. Newton and nineteen charter members met for the first time in the home of Rev. Norman Newton.  They met there until later that year on May 21st when the first service in the new building was held.  Among the charter members was Rev. Tommy Hayes of Pickens.  He went on to pastor Concord Baptist Church and the New Life Baptist church both near Pickens. He currently preaches as an evangelist. Other Charter members included J. Alvin Byers, Troy Byers, Jerry Wayne Hayes, Shirley Ann Newton, Mrs. Mildred Newton, Monroe Rackley, Sadie Powell, Dorothy Davis, Esther Byers, Mildred Gilstrap, Lloyd Gilstrap and Eula Hayes.  

In 1955, the church was renamed to its current name. The name is not the only thing that has changed. Over the years, the original wood-sided building has undergone many changes including bricked siding, a baptistry, Sunday school rooms, carpeting, the fellowship hall.  The most recent work was adding a sound booth and the refurbishing of the baptistry.