God and Country Intertwined

The idea of “Separation of Church and State” has become one of the most argued issues of our day. Such debates promote the idea that, though the U.S. Constitution is now over two centuries old, we still have not been successful in creating a society that is able to behave within its constructs. One would think that by now we would have fallen in line with the precepts of constitutionality.

It appears, however, that some people, especially Christians, are still having trouble getting at, and living by the mandates of our constitutional code. We are so often accused of trampling over the rights of others (i.e. unbelievers, atheists, and other religions) forcing them to participate in activities contrary to their beliefs or nonbeliefs as it were, when the idea of “Separation of Church and State," they say, is clearly dictated in the Constitution.

It would be nice if the issues surrounding this debate were so clear-cut. The fact is that the well-repeated phrase is not even in the constitution and the logic and argument for such proposition has only risen of late and makes sense only in the minds of those who hate God and the Bible. The cries of these oppressed few are magnified through the selective lenses of the media in an effort to foster public empathy for this abused minority.

In response, we cut and snip at the moral and theological constructs of our society, trying to disassemble it and rebuild it again, leaving out the parts that that are so much a part of what we are as Americans. We rewrite history to correlate with evolution and attempt to abandon any connection we have with God, no matter how documented the connection is. Though it is clear that the Ten Commandments are intimately intertwined with our laws, it is denied its contributive place in history, at least as far as state grounds are concerned. We have removed as much as possible from the schoolhouse and statehouse, that which might be objectionable to atheists and agnostics, and non-Christians.

Ah! But the Job is not complete. We still have the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights hanging around making references to Creators and such. I wonder when they will determine that is a violation of some poor oppressed individual’s rights to read or display those controversial pieces of Americana. And while we are dissecting our heritage, that motto on our money must be changed too. Most importantly, let’s not forget the fact that some of the rules by which we govern our schoolhouses will have to be addressed. We will no longer be able to teach children that lying, stealing and murder are wrong, for these concepts are based in Bible doctrines from which we borrowed as a society.

We as Americans need to examine the ill-fated actions of those who defy the “Living God.” Trying to pull the religious threads from the fabric of our culture will simply unravel the culture altogether. The end result will be anarchy. We are on a fast track to chaos and disorder. We would do well to consider where we are headed before we set out on our journey.